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Electricians Tampa – We Fix Everything Electric 7 Days a week – No Trip Charges!

Mr. Electric is a Tampa, Florida electrician that provides reliable service for all your lighting, electrical, and cabling needs. Mr. Electric provides Tampa electricians experienced in both residential and commercial installations. From simple outlet troubleshooting, circuits and power outlets for homes, offices and manufacturing facilities Mr. Electric Tampa electricians can help.

At Mr. Electric our Tampa electricians take safety seriously and want to ensure your home is protected from any electrical hazards.

Considering we already have a hurricane season to concern ourselves with, the last thing you want is for a small fixable short to turn your home into a smoldering memory. If you live in an older Tampa home or just moved into a new home, you always want to ensure that you, your family, and all of your belongings remain safe so having a proper electrical inspection is a must. The leading causes of most fires in a home or office are related to electrical hazards that could have been easily prevented.

Mr. Electric Tampa provides quality professional electricians in Tampa that will give you fair estimate and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all parts and labor. All of our Tampa electricians are well trained with years of experience and are knowledgeable about the local area.

Whether you’re installing a new entertainment center or building a new room or garage, Mr. Electric Tampa can ensure that your new upgrade is installed professionally and correctly the first time around. We provide everything from additional circuits to new receptacles or designing and installing efficient, effective and attractive lighting anywhere in your home. A major project you say; we’ll work with all other contractors to ensure all designs are built to your exact specifications.

Mr. Electric will handle any commercial and residential remodel electrical project.

Whether you’re remodeling your home, office, warehouse, kitchen, bathroom, living room or an entire property, Mr. Electric Tampa, FL works with you and your contractors to make sure your project is finished within the established time frame and budget.

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